Animal Science and Livestock Business
Faculty of Science Technology and Agriculture, Yala Rajabhat University

History and background

Bachelor of Science Program in Animal Science and Livestock Business It is a field of study that teaches economic animals. This is regarded as a field of study that plays an important role in the development of the country's animal production industry to keep up with the ever-evolving world changes. both in the fields of science, technology, economics and society, Bachelor of Science program Animal Science and Livestock Business Therefore, it is responsible for producing graduates to be knowledgeable and ready to deal with the changes that will occur. can compete in the livestock market, both the domestic halal food market Livestock markets in Southeast Asia and the world market5 where halal food helps add value to agricultural products. which is an important source of raw materials for food production And it is an important source of employment that generates income for many people, especially in the southern border provinces. where most of the population has low income, are poor and disadvantaged. Development of halal food industry. Therefore, it is another channel to solve important problems of national development especially. inequality problem and poverty5 Decision to develop halal food industry in the southern border provinces of Thailand have production cost source of raw materials market location and product type (consumer) on the livestock side that can be linked to the export of goods to other regions Development of a Bachelor of Science Program