Number of credits/ Course form

February 12, 2019 (Admin) Study Programs

1. The total number of credits throughout the course is not less than 139.
2. Course structure
    Bachelor of Education Program Department of Computer Studies Consists of general education subjects Specific category (Teacher profession and major) and free electives With the course structure as follows
1. General education courses, not less than 30 credits
 1.1 Language and Communication subjects, not less than 12 credits
   1.2 Group of Life Path courses, not less than 6 credits
   1.3 Global Citizen subjects, not less than 9 credits
   1.4 Faculty identity subjects, not less than 3 credits
2. Specific subjects, not less than 103 credits
   2.1 Professional teachers group, not less than 43 credits.
2.1.1 Professional Teacher 31 credits
2.2.2 Teaching practice subjects in educational institutions, 12 credits
  2.2 Major subjects, not less than 60 credits
     2.2.1 Required courses: 40 credits
     2.2.1 Enhancement courses, 20 credits
3. Free Elective courses, not less than 6 credits.