Philosophy, Vision, Mission

December 8, 2023 (Admin) About Us


Integrating local and international wisdom and emphasizing human and environment development


In 2016, Faculty of Science Technology and Agriculture is able to produce quality student, recognized research and invent, academic service, including technology transferring , in order to developing quality of life.


1. To produce Science and technology student according to community needs, and cooperate with Education faculty in order to produce science academia.
2. To establish knowledge and develop the local wisdom that based on science and technology research and invention approach.
3. To improve quality of life and environment by knowledge transferring and science and technology learning.
4. To establish research resource in science and technology.
5. To promote the community and national art and culture.

Faculty's identity

Staffs and graduates of science and technology contain the identity of volunteer spirit, disciplinary and good moral. As well as being able to apply technology for professional career and integrate particular knowledge for improving community quality of life, that suitable for multicultural and sustainable society.

Graduate's identity

1. Graduates must be able to utilize the learning skills, critical thinking, problem solving and decision making.
2. Able to apply suitable professional technology.
3. Able to integrate the knowledge and community development.
4. Containing the good moral and maintaining professional ethics.
5. Encouraging Volunteer Spirit
6. Promoting democracy values
7. Able to use proper academic Thai language and communicating in foreign language.
8. Able to live peacefully in multicultural society.