B.Sc. Animal Science

January 16, 2018 (Admin) Sub-Program

Name of the Degree

Bachelor of Science (Animal Science)
B.Sc.(Animal Science)


          Knowledgeable and the local wisdom and technology of animal production are integrated into the livestock management.

Number of Credits

Not less than 130 credits

Curriculum Format

Format : Undergraduate Degree 4 years
Language Used : Thai Language and English
Admissions : Thai students and international students who can speak Thai
Co-operating Intuitions : -
Degree for the Graduate : Provide only one degree

Career after graduation

- Personal Occupation: Owning a farm/company such as chicken, chicken eggs, ducks, cattle, goats and sheep.
- Official Jobs: Animal Science Academician/Agricultural Scientist/Agricultural Scientist in department of livestock, department of agriculture or educational personnel in educational institutions with teaching in the field of animal husbandry or zoology.
- Private Job: Farm Animal Farmer, Laboratory Scientist Animal, Nutrition Academic or animal feed distributor and animal husbandry equipment.
- Continuing education: Able to pursue a bachelor's degree in all fields of animal science or related fields.