B.Sc. Health Science Business

January 16, 2018 (Admin) Sub-Program

Name of the Degree

Bachelor of Science (Health Science Business)
B.Sc.(Health Science Business)


          Produces graduates with knowledge in health business. Bring practical skills. Improve health and quality of life. Transformational leadership in innovative health care programs, health services business. Moral and ethical in the profession.

Number of Credits

Not less than 129 credits

Curriculum Format

Format : Undergraduate Degree 4 years
Language Used : Thai Language
Admissions : Thai students and international students who can speak Thai
Co-operating Intuitions : -
Degree for the Graduate : Provide only one degree

Career after graduation

- Health Academician
- Elderly Caregiver
- Health business operators such as elderly care providers and other businesses related to the health of the elderly.