Bachelor of Education Program in General Science
Faculty Of Science Technology And Agriculure
ไทย อังกฤษ

Philosophy, Importance and Objectives of the Curriculum


Produce high quality teachers have knowledge of virtue Able to integrate knowledge, skills, attitudes, morals, and professional ethics into education and development of teachers to be good people, have intelligence, abilities, and live happily with others. Be aware of changes and can face problems or crises with intelligence

The importance of the course

Nowadays, the profession of a teacher is considered very important. because teachers play an important role in the development of the country to prosper to keep pace with the situation Changes in the modern world But before the country can be developed to prosper Must develop people, including the youth of the nation first. for youth to grow up to be good adults with quality and completeness in all aspects Therefore, they can help each other to create prosperity for the nation. and the most important duty of a teacher is knowledge cultivation thoughts and minds of youth To grow up to be a good and effective citizen of the nation in the future. The teacher can therefore be regarded as the person who plays an important role in shaping the future of the nation.

Course objectives

1. Be knowledgeable teaching ability Able to apply knowledge to work in accordance with the social, cultural and economic conditions of the country.

2. Being knowledgeable The ability to manage teaching and learning curriculum development in teaching and learning that will result in teachers have knowledge, abilities, competencies and desirable characteristics of national education.

3. Being a person of integrity Ethics and professional ethics of teachers High academic and professional responsibility, patience, open-mindedness, and proficiency in learning management and ready to practice as a teacher. with quality and in accordance with the competence and professional standards of teachers.

4. Knowledge in teaching and learning management Able to apply a thorough understanding of research theory and methodology to create new knowledge for vocational or higher education in the future.

5. Has the potential to develop the work in the job and career paths to advance as academic leaders can use information technology to perform duties as teachers appropriately and efficiently.