Bachelor of Education Program in General Science
Faculty Of Science Technology And Agriculure
ไทย อังกฤษ

Academic Conference, Physics and Science, Relations, Rajabhat University, Southern Region 22, at Phuket Rajabhat University

Bachelor of Education Program General Science congratulations

MissSofeeyah Waeyakoh, General Science Program and Dr.Roswanna Safkolam, Advisor Received an excellent research award for Oral Presentation from the work. "Development of academic achievement and attitude towards the science of grade 5 students with a search for knowledge online with online games. Wordwall"
Ms. Hayatee Awae, Miss Na Sah Yosuh, student of general science curriculum And Assistant Professor Ubon Tan Som, advisor Received an award for the Oral Presentation in the Type of Oral Presentation from the work "Lemon Essential Oil Scented Patch Product" products in the 22nd Physics and Science Relations, Rajabhat University, Southern Region, Southern Region At Phuket Rajabhat University