Yala Rajabhat University
Science Technology and Agriculture

Philosophy, Vision, Mission

Course Philosophy
         Doctor of Philosophy Program Science, Mathematics and Computer Teaching Program (2023 new curriculum) aims to produce doctorates in science, mathematics and computer teaching who are competent and have academic expertise in research to create innovative teaching and learning in science, mathematics and computer science. computer effectively and is a leader in teaching science, mathematics and computing. That emphasizes learning activities that promote critical thinking skills. problem solving skills and creative thinking skills Be socially responsible, have morals, ethics and professional ethics.

Course Objectives​
            1) Be proficient in teaching Science, Mathematics and Computers. Have knowledge and understanding of research operations at a high level with a prototype by integrating the knowledge acquisition process of various sciences to create a new body of knowledge in teaching science, mathematics and computers.

          2) Having expertise and developing knowledge and innovation in learning management A learning management process that emphasizes advanced thinking processes in science, mathematics and computers at various levels by integrating relevant knowledge to conduct quality research that is recognized by academics in science, mathematics and computers at the national level. and international

          3) To produce graduates who are academic leaders in science, mathematics and computer teaching with skills in analytical thinking, creativity, communication, computer use and information technology that will lead to knowledge development and widespread utilization.

           4) To be a leader in curriculum development learning management, research, and academic services in science, mathematics, and computer teaching To seek new knowledge and bring research results to improve and manage science, mathematics and computer learning.

            5) Realize the value of the teaching profession for the development and transmission of desirable characteristics of social responsibility, morality, ethics and professional ethics.