B.Sc. Environmental Science

January 16, 2018 (Admin) Sub-Program

Name of the Degree

Bachelor of Science (Environmental Science)
B.Sc.(Environmental Science)


          Producing environmental science graduates who have the knowledge, skills and professional skills according to the standards of occupation, morality, ethics and professional ethics. By integrating environmental science knowledge into the solution. Protect and reduce the impact of environmental problems effectively. To respond to economic, social and environmental development. At local, national and regional levels.

Number of Credits

Not less than 132 credits

Curriculum Format

Format : Undergraduate Degree 4 years
Language Used : Thai Language and English
Admissions : Thai students and international students who can speak Thai
Co-operating Intuitions : -
Degree for the Graduate : Provide only one degree

Career after graduation

- Environmental scientists or scientists in government agencies include: Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (Department of Pollution Control, Department of Environmental Quality, Office of Environmental Policy and Planning, Office of Environment Sector, Provincial Office of Natural Resources and Environment, etc.), Ministry of industry (Department of Industrial Factory, Provincial Office of Industry), Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives (Department of Royal Forest, Department of Fisheries, etc.), Ministry of Public Health (Department of Health, Provincial Office of Health, Provincial Hospital), Ministry of Interior (Municipality/City Office, Local Government Administration/Department of Local Administration)
- Environmental educators or regulators in state enterprises (Provincial Waterworks Authority, Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand, Expressway Authority of Thailand, etc.)
- Environmental Impact Assessment Operators or Environmental Academics in Private Sector (Consulting Firm, Foundation for the Conservation of Natural Resources and Environment, Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant Manager, Environmental Developers, Independent Researcher/Academician, etc.)